Seargent Darryl Smith of the Balitmore Police Dept. takes time to answer the MaD Selfie Survey! #MaDTalk

"Have Women Traded Self Respect 4 Sex" - With Sergeant Darryl Smith

As usual, Brooke Cheever always has first dibs: Which act is more intimate, "oral sex or intercourse?"

MaD Selfie "Intercourse or Oral Sex?"- Brooke Cheever kicks off the survey!​

Sergia stopped by and weighed in on this weeks MaD Selfie Survey: "Which act is more intimate, oral sex or intercourse!"

MaD Selfie "Oral Sex or Intercourse?"- Sergia Louise Anderson

What does Lalah Hathaway think is more intimate, oral sex or intercourse? #MaDTalk​

MaD Selfie "Choose; Oral Sex or Intercourse" - Lalah Hathaways Responds​

Super Funny, Super Real, Super M.a.D

The M.a.D Selfie Survey.

Marla ask's you the questions no one else will!


Brandy is indeed a "Class Act!" Check out her response to this MaD Selfie Survey "redo quesiton". #MaDTalk

Brandy Norwood "Take 2" - Have women traded respect 4 sexual freedom?


 "Have Women Traded Self Respect 4 Sex" With Sam and Erin

A new years day celebration brings a MaD Selfie Survey opinion to life with Samantha & her friend Erin. #MaDTalk