It is time to change the conversation surrounding Mental Health. Statistics show us that 1 in 5 people are affected with some type of “Brain Difference.”

The Mission

"A New Perspective"

Our mission is to help families find mental health solutions for their adult children who are affected with brain differences. Loving Beyond Reason has a goal to support both people and programs who are committed to love beyond what most consider reasonable!

Loving Beyond Reason

Our goal is to provide both financial support and resources, and make them directly available to the families who have made a commitment to support their affected adult children. To that end, we are developing a brand new website with exciting new technologies, and ground breaking strategies that will help restore a sense of self esteem for the affected, by giving them an opportunity to become financially self sustaining.

We are Marla and David Thomas. Our fight against mental health injustice has been both painful and public. Finding out our sons diagnosis of Bipolar 1/Schizo Affective disorder, at the age of 23 was more than upsetting, it was DEVASTATING! The only thing worse than his diagnosis was finding out the mental health system is so broken, the only choice most families are left with is to abandon their suffering loved ones. Our story is like countless others who have found themselves fighting a never ending battle for support and solutions, which has led us to turn our pain into purpose, by assisting families who make the choice to “Love Beyond Reason!”.

The Founders


The Stigma


Loving Beyond Reason needs your financial support, your time, and your expertise.The journey to erase the stigma, implement successful solutions, and help those who suffer afford adequate care can only happen with your help. Thank you in advance for your support. 

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