This is usually the time of year when we take our summer vacation, so it's good to be back in the studio together. Marla's back, and fresh off of a Jamaican Turn-Up, girl's trip. How much is too much? Find out on today's show!!

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Marla is explosive, and Dave is intellectual. Together they offer a unique, brand of specialty entertainment, and informative perspective, with a touch of comedy, in a M.a.D world. Being married for 26 years,  to a 10 time Grammy award winning artist, has not silenced Marla's passion about life, love, and fitness. Despite Dave's international acclaim as a singer with the renowned group Take 6, he has remained grounded, and conservative in his views about life, politics, and family. The combination of Marla and Dave is dynamic to say the least! From hot topics, to entertaining guest, You won't want to miss a single show!

Specialty Entertainment


Should Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest result in him being black-balled by the NFL?
Yes - #FairPlay
No - #UneccesaryRoughness